What Is Fight Gunfire With Fire?

Inspired by recent student activism, The One Club for Creativity and MullenLowe founded Fight Gunfire With Fire (FGWF) in May 2018, as a creative coalition designed to channel student creativity in the effort to curb gun violence.

The process

Students enter their ideas based on the FGWF creative brief.

Submissions will be reviewed by industry leaders

The strongest creative ideas will be brought to life in partnership with FGWF sponsors—including advertising agencies, production and editorial companies, non-profits and brands—to create active campaigns.

Who can participate in the brief?

The brief is open to individual students or teams from colleges, graduate schools or portfolio schools. It is also open to graduates who finished school within the past year.

Can international students participate?

Yes! Although the problem outlined in the creative brief is a uniquely American one, the brief is open to all students no matter where they are located.

I work for an advertising agency. Can I participate?

If you are employed full-time in an agency or studio, you are ineligible to enter, unfortunately. If you are interning, freelancing or working part-time, you are eligible to enter provided that you have graduated within the past year.

What sorts of ideas can be entered?

We are looking for ideas that can shape the conversation about gun violence in America.

The FGWF creative brief prompts participants to address a range of issues including legislative matters — such as state reciprocity laws and bans on gun sales to convicted stalkers and violent criminals — as well as related topics like gun buyback programs, racial profiling, mental health issues and domestic violence.

As opposed to coming up with a big-budget national TV campaign, creatives are encouraged to create lower-budget, grassroots ideas that can be developed and implemented quickly, and scaled up and down as necessary. A star-studded free concert on the National Mall might be fun, but difficult to replicate its effects on a smaller scale.

Is there a limit to how many ideas I can submit?

You can submit as many ideas as you wish, but note that each idea must be a separate entry.

What is the entry fee?

There is no fee to submit ideas to FGWF — we are looking for world-changing ideas, and we don't want entry fees to be an obstacle.

What is the entry deadline?

The deadline for submissions is Thursday, October 4, 2018.

Who will judge the entries?

All ideas submitted will be reviewed in the fall by the FGWF Creative Fire Council, currently made up of eleven marketing industry leaders and influencers from agencies, production companies, brands and nonprofits.

How will the ideas be selected?

The Creative Fire Council will evaluate all entries for creativity, originality, feasibility and potential for impact. Any and all ideas that meet the Fire Council's approval on these criteria will then be passed to FGWF sponsors, including top film and production companies such as Bob Industries, Exile, Mophonics, PS 260, Psyop, Smuggler, Team 26 and others, who will select an entry and donate their own resources and expertise to make the idea a reality.

When will the creators of selected ideas be notified?

The creators of selected ideas will be notified during the week of October 15, 2018.

Will I get the opportunity to work alongside the producers in bringing my selected idea to life?

Yes. You are the originator of the idea so you’ll be involved in the creation of the campaign.

Will I be credited or compensated for my idea?

You will definitely receive full credit for your idea. Fight Gunfire With Fire is a pro bono initiative so everyone from students to the Fire and Sponsor Councils are donating their time and resources.

Do I retain ownership of my idea, regardless if it is selected?

Absolutely, as long as the work is your own and you own the copyright.